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Some more parts...
I've received some parts for the 20v also replacement Fog lamps for the damaged 35 Airport's

The parts include:-

  • Jujitsubo Manifold
  • Cibie T353 Fog lamps (direct replacement for 35 Airports)
  • Koyo Type Z 2 Core Aluminium Radiator
  • Replacement Fuel filter
  • Replacement Water pump
  • Uprate Walbro Fuel pump (GSS278)

I'm still waiting on my rebuild kit for the rear axle to arrive from Weir. I expect it will be with me sometime next week.
First 2011 Update
The first update of 2011! With the weather still being cold I'm yet to start work on installing the 20v engine. I'm waiting for a Fujitsubo manifold to arrive from Japan. Along with a pair for Cibie T353 fog lamps (As my Airport 35's got damaged a while ago and no one in the UK could supply the replacements). I've received a Koyo Type Z 2 Core Aluminium Radiator just need to get a pair of electric Fans. I need to thank Miguel at Newera for all the help and support he has provided getting parts imported from Japan

I've also ordered a rebuild kit for my axle from Weir Performance(I'll need to get a TRD LSD also) and ordered a new fuel pump, water pump and fuel filter from Fensport.

It looks like I'll be busy with the car this year... hopefully!
20v Progress
I replaced the cam belt idler pulley and tensioner on the 20v over the last weekend. Also installed the Garage Annex distibutor relocation kit. I'll install the RS Chita water relocation kit over the next weekend.

My car is off the road until spring 2011. I'm hoping to have the 20v in by then.
20v Parts
Thought I'd take a few pictures now that I've received some more bits for the 20v

The parts include:-

  • RS Chita water relocation kit
  • Garage Annex Distributor relocation kit
  • Racing Gear Clutch
  • Racing Gear Flywheel
  • OEM Timing belt and tensioner
  • TRD Engine Mounts
  • SP Tech Lowered Mount kit
  • RS Chita Distributor blanking cap for rear of engine
  • RS Chita Transmission spacer
  • OEM Replacement Flywheel bolts, bearings and so on

I'll hopefully be fitting the engine this year. Just need to get a replacement radiator, electric fan, exhaust manifold and trumpets for the ITB's.

I'm in the process of replacing my rear wheel bearings and under sealing the car, but after that I'll be focusing on the 20v install... Until next time!
Just a little update.

I've replaced the Brake pads, discs and front calipers. I have the RS Chita water relocation kit and Garage Annex Distributor relocation kit. Plus some other little bits for the 20v engine. Still have quite a bit to get before I can fit the engine.

Its time to get the car ready for another MOT also, so will be spending this weekend sorting little bits such as rear fog light.

Hopefully I'd had done more to the car by the next update. Damn this year is going fast :(

...Until next time!
...a long time
I know its been a long time since my last update. The winter came and it has been far too cold to do anything out side on the car. The weather has now started to warm up a little (although it is still pretty cold) so this will be the first weekend this year at least for me working on the car.

I received my 20v quite a few weeks ago. Its under the stairs until I can get the bits together for the install. But there are more important things to get done before the engine goes in. Such as brakes and underseal. So this weekend the plan is to get the brakes replaced.

I was going to go for TRD brakes but decided against it as there are better brakes available for cheaper/the same price. I decided against 4Pots as I want to keep my 14" wheels also. I finally went with Endless pads all round and Racing Gear discs all round. Purchased through Newera (who are quickly becomming my preferred supplier due to their brilliant communication).

Here are some pictures of the parts before I go out and install them.

The pads are Endless MX72 and the discs are Racing Gear RTR-002 (rear) and RTR-39 (front)
Not much to update
Haven't really got anything to update with. Spending so much money the past couple of months has left me with nothing to buy anything else with (Roll on pay day).

I do however have a little bit of news. The picture will explain all...

Rear bumper
The car passed its MOT with out problems. I also fitted the brand new (brand new!) rear bumper over the weekend also check out the pictures below...

As you can see the car is very clean now!

Its back!
The car is back in all its glory. I've taken a few pictures today. It is also that time of year again... The MOT is tomorrow.

Bodyshop update
I went to visit the car yesterday to check the progress. Its looking very good the rust removed and all resprayed. Its a shame the pictures didn't come out well at all :(

It should be ready next weekend.
Hello all. Just a small update. The car should be ready by next Saturday!

Also I've made some Sprinter Trueno stickers from vinyl. In black and chrome.

Contact me if you are interested in buying some...
The car so far in the body shop
I've been to see the car. Gone through all the work that is being done and there is quite a bit. I've taken a few pictures of the car so far and the wheels (which are brilliant. The pictures don't do the wheels justice)

Received new door strips
I received replacement door strips from japan. Again from the Nengun yahoo auction page.

I'm going to see the car today. Hopefully it will have more progress. I know the wheels are done so at least I can get a picture of those...
Not much to report
I went to see the car on saturday. The dent has been pulled out. The bonnet, boot, skirts, bumpers and doors have removed but the car looks a far away from being finished :( I didn't think it was worth taking any pictures.
I've ordered and received a brand new rear bumper from nengun using their new yahoo auction. It came in genuine Toyoya packaging and being brand new is in mint condition! I still however need to buy a front bumper (these are not cheap brand new).

I'll go see my car tomorrow to check up on the progress. I decided to go ahead with the respray, refurb wheels, repair the rusty bits and get it cavity sealed. Along with getting the dent removed. I've ordered new door bump strips for the car also from nengun's yahoo auctions. The car should look as good a new when I get it back. Although the bill is now the price of a cheapish AE86 is to buy. I have no plans to sell this car so don't mind spending the money.
I dropped off the car for its repair to the rear quarter yesterday. Also will be getting a quote for respray and a refurb on the wheels.
I've not managed to order anything too big recently but ordered replacement valves for my wheels for when they are refurbed.

I got a bit bored with the camera.

I've also ordered replacement wheel nuts and a brand new rear bumper from japan.
TODA Exhaust
I fitted the TODA exhaust and decat today. Heres a sound clip
A Small update. After replacing the boot I also ordered a SEIBON Carbon fibre bonnet which has been installed on the car. I need to still get a picture of it also.

I've also ordered and received a TODA cat back exhaust. Just need to get it installed.

Now for some bad news... There was a little accident which resulted in a dent in the rear passenger quarter panel and inner wing. Just waiting on a quote to come back for that and also a quote for a possible respray...
CBY Boot Fitted!
I fitted the CBY Boot with lexan glass today. And it looks pretty good too. Not got a great picture of it today's weather wasn't great I'll get a better picture of it when the weather gets better

Boot painted!
Picked up my boot today just need to fit it now...

Hopefully it won't take me too long to sort out!
Its been a long time! Mainly due to the weather. Its too cold to do any thing on the car :(

I've test fitted the CBY Boot before it get sprayed to make sure it fits nice (which it does!)

I've also received a decat pipe. Need to get a new cat back exhaust before i fit it though.

Until next time!
I Decided to service the car this weekend. Replacing the spark plugs, oil and oil filter. I also replaced the oil seal gaskets for the cam covers.

I still have the 4 Links, and CBY boot with plexi glass to fit. Just leaving that for when the weather gets better (which will most likely be in the new year now).
Just an update. The side skirts are on, but weather isn't good enough to make a good picture. I also picked up the CBY Boot and now have perspex glass to go in. I may not get around to installing the boot until the new year.

I received the RS Chita rebuilt power steering rack and installed it today... I finally have power steering again!
Just a little update.

I've sprayed the replacement side skirts. They just need to be polished and then i'll post up some pictures.

I'll be picking up the CBY boot from the couriers tomorrow also (hopefully it fits in the car)
Part Order
Due to the power steering failing, i've ordered a reconditioned rack from RS Chita via Newera Parts.

I've also ordered replacement gas struts for the boot from Struts Direct (as the struts from Toyota aren't cheap)
I've updated the Powertrain, Drivetrain, Interior and Exterior sections of the site
Power steering
After fitting the URAS Inner track rod ends and attempting full lock the seals failed inside the rack resulting in a total loss of power steering.

I have purchased an 2nd hand one to use for the time being while I have my old rack rebuilt, but discovered today (after taking out my rack) that the one I purchased isn't the same and cant be used on my car :(

So i've drained the fluid from the system and detached the belt that powers the power steering pump, but that also powers the air conditioning compressor... so no air con for a bit :(
More Parts
I haven't updated the site for a while (been enjoying driving the hachi too much). I ordered some parts from Toyota which include
  • Interior door handles
  • Indicator control stalk
  • Fog light switch
  • Rear parcel shelf
  • Gear stick gaiter
  • Gear stick linkage bushes

These parts aren't cheap, but hopefully will transform the interiors apearance

Here are the handles and stalk

I also ordered and have now received URAS inner track rod ends, as my stock ones have slight play.

These URAS items also increase the steering lock by 20 degrees!
I finished filling out the registration documents last night, and sent the forms off to DVLA this morning.

Fingers crossed it all goes well and it'll be registered soon. Now all I can do is wait...
MOT - Passed!
Finally the car passed the MOT, Luckily the MOT tester was familiar with the AE86 and seemed to know quite a bit about them. And more importantly knew what was and wasn't a part of the MOT.

Now just to get the car registered. The v55/5 form isn't the best form in the world to fill out, hopefully i haven't made any mistakes otherwise that will delay things even more!
MOT - Retest
I have another MOT test tomorrow. But this time at a centre that knows what they are doing. They also deal with japanese engines so i've enquired about a Black top 20v also!
MOT - Failed
Okay I went for an MOT yesterday...

Unfortunately it failed. But mainly due to the test centre not having a clue about the car.

Off side head light too low
Adjustable with a screw driver, for some reason they didn't adjust it to the correct level they left it..

Front Windscreen wiper control missing
This because its a dial control not an arm

Front brake lines seriously damage (all rubber gone)
this is because the lines are braided and aren't covered with rubber

When Front fog lamps on headlights not working
They mistaken my sidelights as front fog lights

Near side washer jet not working
A pin cleared that

Seat belts not locking
On the JDM AE86 the seat belts don't lock if they are pulled hard. They only lock when effected by G-Forces. So they lock when braking hard. This will make it hard to pass an MOT

I get a free retest but there isn't much point going back because they are completely useless.
I've been busy getting the car ready for MOT and registration. I've got insurance, and pretty much ready for an MOT, I'll be trying to arrange an MOT for tomorrow...
The Arrival!
The Car arrived as planned on friday.

The car is in amazing condition! I'll arrange pictures and fill up the site with data when its passed its MOT and registered...
Another slight delay. Although the delivery has been arranged for friday 11th July...
Car has arrived...
2008-07-03 the docks!

Now just to wait for delivery of the car which hopefully will be early next week!
Car Arrival - Date
I've just received confirmation that the car is due in on the 3rd of July.

So hopefully in a few days time i'll be a Hachi-Roku owner!

Parts Arrival
I finally picked up the Coilovers today.

I'm very impressed with the build quality.

Now just waiting on the car!
Parts Arrival
I've received the Panhard bar today from T3.

But i'm still waiting for the suspension to clear customs.
Parts Arrival
I received the NCRCA's and traction brackets today.

Also the coilovers have arrived in the country. Just waiting on custom clearence.
Looks like there will be a slight delay on the arrival of the car. This is due to unforeseen strike action in Piraeus, and is now expected between the 3rd and 5th of July 2008.

Parts order - Suspension
I Ordered some Greddy Type-S coilovers from Nengun for my car. They should be arriving shortly from Japan

Greddy Type-S Coilovers
Parts order - T3 Parts
I've ordered a few things from Techno Toy Tuning.

Adjustable Panhard Rod

Panhard Rod

Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters

Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters

Traction Brakets

Traction Brackets

These parts are on their way from the states, and should be here soon!
Arrival date
I've received all the paper work for the car.
The car is due in on the 29th of June!


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