The interior of the car is completely standard. I do have plans to replace the front seats with some Bride bucket seats. For the time being i'll just tidy it up a bit.

Here are a few pictures of the interior

Front seats Drivers side Back seats From rear

Door Handles have been replaced. So has the shift gaiter including the bushes

69205-12080-01 - Right interior door handle
69206-12080-01 - Left interior door handle
58280-12120 - Gear shift gaiter
33556-14010 - Gear shift lever seat
33548-14010 - Gear shift lever bush

Old door handles New door handles! Gear stick gator

Indicator stalk has been replaced. Before and after pictures on the left.
84112-19545 - Indicator control stalk.

Fog light switch received from japan.
84162-12010 - Fog light switch

As my car was missing the rear parcel shelf I ordered a replacement from Toyota
64330-12450-11 - Rear parcel shelf.

Old indicator Stalk New indicator Stalk Fog light switch Rear parcel shelf

Please note that any part numbers quoted will be black in trim.

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