The Exterior of the car is for the time being relitively a standard GT Apex Trim. I have stock replica skirts to be fitted, because the skirts currently on the car have been poorly repaired from damage. I also have a CBY boot coming from japan which should be here soon.
Here are a few pictures of the exterior
Front Front offside Rear Under the car

I've fitted a brand new rear bumper. Not a bumper that is as good as new... A brand new bumper from Toyota in japan. It was not cheap!

And now just for the front bumper!

I've had the car stripped to metal, rust removed and resprayed. Pictures below.

As you can see the car also has a SEIBON Carbon fibre bonnet, CBY boot with Lexan glass fitted!

I've Fitted my Cibie's, quite easy to do as there is a empty connector in the engine bay behind each headlight for the fog lights.

Cibies! Cibies! Initial D! Gas struts Gas struts Gas struts

The rear gas struts have been replaced.

Gas Strut - SD03-250
Tube End Fitting Steel Ball - SBJ12
Rod End Fitting Steel Ball - SBJ10


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