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I am so jealous!
Seriously, your car looks wicked, I\'ve been looking around for AE86s but they all seem fairly pricey now.
Posted by: Initial D Fan
hay dude love what you've done the car looks fantastic! do you know where I could buy a AE86 in the UK?

Check out the driftworks forums. Although you'll have more chance finding a cleaner one in Japan, so its worth considering importing one. Its not hard to do at all. I'd highly recommend powervehicles if you are looking to import.
Posted by: r**********
I'm from United States and i have been searching all over the internet for that bumper. Can you tell me where i can order that kit? The GT APEX kit with the corner lights. This is my car and the current stock bumper it came with.

Your best bet is yahoo auctions. I bought my replacement rear bumper from Nengun using their yahoo auction services. The bumper was brand new but cost £800.
Posted by: RedRolla
Nice Corolla
Hey i was just wondering what brand and model your body kit is. (Bumpers, Side skrit)

Hello. The body kit is just the standard GT Apex kit. Front and rear bumbers with side skirts. With a CBY Boot
Posted by: Visitor
RS Chita Power Steering
Hello ! I see that you have buy a new Power Steering from RS Chita. Could you tell how you ordered it ? Thank you very much ! And vey nice website :-) I have exactly the same kouki Trueno !

I bought the rack through Newera parts. They sourced a 2nd hand rack in japan and sent it to RS Chita for rebuilding and shipped the rack to me. I can't recommend them enough for helping me with it.

Thanks for the comments!
Posted by: Cedric
foglight switch?
were'd u get it? email me at d*******

Toyota. They had to order it from japan. Part number is available from the interior page
Posted by: Visitor
Damn, I'd love one of these cars. I don't know why but there's something about them I just find so attractive.

It is true there is something about them. Its quite strange to drive such an old car and it to feel no different from cars much younger. Having a GT Apexi having some features that aren't on new cars.
Posted by: Kieran
Fog lights
Hey nice project you got there i want to ask about installing the fog light. You said theres a connector behind the headlight for the fogs could you tell me where abouts it is and which connector ? and could you send some pics if u can thx. If you can send pics can you send them to thank you

No Problem. I've sent pictures of the connectors to your email address.
Posted by: Alex
Good man
Man, just seeing the bits u replaced in the interior, mad attention to detail yo. So much so, I would be worreid to drive something that has had so much effort. :P
Posted by: Gonzo
Update this site man. With all that work you done. :D

I'll be spending time to get the site upto date in the next weeks
Posted by: Gonzo
Could you help me with my AE86 enquiries?
Hi Danny, found your site really interesting as I am after an AE86 and see you have done all of the things I am slightly cautious about with importing a car from japan myself (eg registration and MOT). Is there any advice you can give me? Eg purchase negotiations. Id be grateful if you could. This is the car I am currently looking at: My email address is Be great to hear from you. Cheers Paul

Hello Paul, I would highly recommend They helped me find my AE86 and did all the hard work for me in japan. It was just a matter of arranging an agent in the UK to handle the car coming into the UK. Which i would recommend Penguin, they arranged payment of the VAT for me, Yuwa shipping arranged delivery of the car direct to my house. MOT can be a pain, the only changes you need to do is rear fog light, then its a matter of checking the usual MOT things (NOTE: the JDM seat belts don't lock when pulled hard, they do however when you brake hard... THIS IS NOT AN MOT FAILURE)
Posted by: Visitor
site is looking good mate :) cant wait to see the car.
Posted by: dax
Hey nice website
Posted by: Jo Lowe

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