Drive Train

The drive train of the car is a bit of a mystery at the moment, it has an after market clutch because the bite is pretty much on/off but i'm not sure what make it is. The GT Apex comes with a LSD so not sure if its stock or not. Although i have fitted bits my self since owning the car, GReddy coilovers and some T3 bits also.

The Watanabe wheels have been refurbished with brand new Watanabe valves. You will also notice the 5Zigen racing wheel nuts.

I've fitted the greddy coilovers, and currently have them set to the softest setting as they are a bit stiff for general driving. As you can see in the front coilover picture I fitted my negative camber roll center adjusters. I've added some more pictures below...

Front Rear Coilovers Camber adjustable Enough camber? Close up Close up

I've replaced the stock panhard rod with a techno toy tuning item.

Techno Toy Tuning Panhard

RS Chita reconditioned power steering rack. Now been installed... Yay power steering is back!

RS Chita Power reconditioned steering rack

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